How Green Wave manages a great number of tasks more efficiently with new innovative technology

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Green Wave increases productivity with efficient task management system

Just like Uber and have changed how you find a taxi or find a hotel, you can now dramatically change how you handle company tasks with smart, new technology.

Green Wave handling department manager Martin Netz is eager to recommend this innovative solution to others: "The reporting from our field workers is now automatic and checking up on them is so much easier. Information moves faster and therefore we increased our capability to react and fulfill more tasks."

Green Wave is a claim handling and 24-hour emergency service provider in the Baltic Sea region and around Europe. In 2015 there were over 10 000 claims handled in the Baltics and offered different assistance to more than 16 000 customers. Dealing with so many tasks is quite a labor-intensive job, and optimizing the process results in a significant increase in productivity.


Tasks handling process

Green Wave gets a call from a customer to come and inspect the car. This information needs to be given to a claims handler, who visits the scene, documents the car's condition with photos and a report. This information goes to the office, where another person processes the documents. And then the process starts all over again with a new customer.

Before implementing the Ecofleet system, this information moved from person to person manually. Instructions were given over the phone. Photos were made with a digital camera, files had to be transferred to a laptop connected to the internet to upload all photos and a report. This archaic system was obviously both time-consuming and slow, and the management in Green Wave had a clear understanding that this was the bottleneck of their productivity. If they changed the process of handling over 10 000 claims a year more effectively, the impact to the company's productivity and profitability would be remarkable.

The Green Wave management described the whole process and its problems to the account manager from Ecofleet. "It was great, that they just didn't sell me software, but tried to understand our business processes and offer an exact solution, that works for us, " said claims handling department manager Martin Netz. "As a result we got a solution that can be managed in a tablet. You could say that for us, the Ecofleet solution replaces phone communication, digital camera, laptop and a GPS navigation device."

Ecofleet mobile task management

Ecofleet’s Product Manager Kalmer Kärblane explains: "The system itself is quite simple: when an office worker gets information on a new task, he enters it to the Ecofleet web platform and assigns it to a person - for example you can search the nearest available employee. Then the claims handler gets a new task alert in their smartphone or a tablet and can navigate to the location with Ecofleet. At the scene, he can fill in the custom-made report directly in the smart device, add photos and a signature if needed and complete the task. All this information is instantly sent to an office worker, who proceeds with the claim immediately  - no more waiting for manual processes like bringing reports and photos to office and then inserting them to computer. "

"A lot of companies have a similar need to handle tasks"

Ecofleet’s Product Manager Kalmer Kärblane explains, that many companies have similar needs. "For example elevator and other tech system maintenance, cleaning and sales teams could make their work process much easier and more concrete. The solution can be used for managing subcontractors' tasks. The information movement speed will increase and the whole company gets more effective. This positive change also means more money for the company and more free time."

Se how Green Wave explains the story of how they became more efficient in this video