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Ecofleet Air - это простое и легковесное решение GPS для слежения за транспортным средством и заполнения журнала поездок.

Ecofleet Pro - это продвинутая модульная услуга по GPS-слежению и управлению автопарком на веб-основе - выбирайте и платите только за те модули, которые вам нужны.

Идеальный инструмент для общения в рабочем процессе между офисом и работниками в пути: отправляйте задания с компьютера на смартфон работника и получайте живое обновление задач.

Ecofleet Mobile

Ideal workflow communication tool between office and mobile employees: send tasks from computer to employee’s smartphone and get online task updates with reports, signatures and photos directly to your CRM. 

Task Management in the office

All employees can be followed on a map and tasks can be recorded and assigned. The employee will be notified accordingly. The office has an updated status of all tasks and employees.

The office can also create forms to be completed by the employee for quality control or the like - or calculate the most optimal routes for the day’s tasks to reduce driving and save time for the employee.

Task Management on the road

Employees have an overview of their own tasks and colleagues’ locations on their smart phones. It is possible to find the optimal route to a task and calculate time and distance to arrival.

It is also possible to fill out the forms created by the office, attach photos and/or signature to the task before it is completed.


Links to apps:

Ecofleet Mobile application in App Store

Ecofleet Mobile application in Google Play

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